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Name:Caroline Forbes

Just because I talk a lot doesn't mean I always know what I'm talking about.

Caroline is 18 years old, and a vampire. Before being turned by Katherine, Caroline was insecure, needy, and selfish. Despite her sometimes overwhelming neurotic tendencies, she's always had her good qualities - she is loyal, protective, and determined. After being turned into a vampire, Caroline's personality became magnified - in her words, she became an "insecure, control-freak on crack."
Bad luck seems to follow Caroline, but she's matured over the last year and has become a stronger, more confident young woman. She's unusually strong for being a new vampire, possibly due to the fact that she has been secretly drinking human blood. As a vampire, Caroline is unpredictable, and anyone who mistakes her for a weak little girl soon finds out how wrong they are.
She's a terrible liar, and her friends often purposely leave her out of the loop on their plans so Caroline doesn't accidentally spill the beans. Caroline hates being left out and hates how dark their lives have become. She likes to make people happy, and doesn't think that all the chaos should stop her best friends from enjoying their senior year.
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